Part 1:

1000 NFTS: We made the choice to release a first collection to welcome our "Enigma Vip".

Their characters will be in all our projects (comics,...)

Possibility to work with us on projects (comics, cinema, club, ...)

In exchange of this NFT, the buyers will receive at home the unique comic book N°1 of Enigma Comics (synopsis available).

They will then join the Enigma VIP Club for good investment and access to the common portfolio.

Virtual lifetime subscription to the comics.

Holding this NFT is similar to being in 1st class on a plane.

Shares in the ENIGMA company.

20% of the monthly royalties will be donated to an association voted by the community.

The collection will be on the solana blockchain.

Other things to come...

Comics part : 1 Comics/Month available in NFT