Vision and Values

Vision and Values:

Our ambitions are big and achievable.

Our goal is to create a community, chain projects and grow the company.

We want to build a real empire!

And that with you.


Everything starts with the community; that's why we want you to succeed.

Our priority will always be the community, because we have chosen to go through the nfts and therefore create a community.

Own way: Enigma is not looking to make a project to earn millions and let it sink. With or without Nft, we will develop the project.

Nfts are a plus for the project, because they will create a community that will invest and grow with the project.

Donations: In a first stage 20% of the royalities will be distributed each month to associations chosen with the community.

The process: Good things take time. We work passionately and want to provide a perfect job.

Little by little, the team is growing so the work will be faster and faster.